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Getting eoWarehouse logs off device

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These are instructions to manually pull files from a device. Exporting a scratchpad in the Diagnostics menu will zip up this entire folder automatically.

  1. You must ensure that you have the ability to view hidden files.
    1. To do so, go to the Windows Control Panel. Small icons are best for viewing, but you want to open Folder Options.
    2. In the View tab of Folder options, in Advanced Settings, 5 items down the list is Hidden Files and folders. Set them to show.
  2. Once these show, Navigate to 'C:\Users
  3. From here you are going to want to drill in to the user folder of either whoever you are logged in as, or more importantly, the user folder of which ever user on the machine.
  4. Once in the User folder, your target is C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages
  5. In this folder, there will be another folder whose name starts with RutherfordAndAssociates.eoWarehouse (the actual file directory is different from device to device.
  6. Once you’ve found that folder, your final destination is going to look like this: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\RutherfordAndAssociates.eoWarehouse_e28n0eh99bnpa\LocalState
  7. Send all files in this folder to Rutherford Support.