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Welcome to eoStar!

This page explains basic functions in eoStar. For additional information, see Vocabulary and Terms.

To begin eoStar, if previously installed, go to the Star Menu and select the program. If the program is not installed, see Client eoStar Installation Guide.

Login Screen

Upon opening eoStar, you will be prompted with the Employee Login screen. At first, only the eoStar Administrator may login, but once other users have been created in eoStar they will be able to login, if they are given permissions to do so.

Home Page

The home page has an interactive chart which visualizes the steps in a distribution cycle. The colored balls on the chart are hyper linked and will bring you to a certain record type. However, most users opt to use the menus on the top bar, as they are quicker and easier to navigate.

Main page 1.gif

How to Customize the Background of the Home Page

Customizing eoStar

The background options are saved into the registry. If it is a terminal server then any changes made to the background will affect the other employees on that server.

The five colored blocks on the bottom left hand side of the opening screen act as color buttons. By selecting them, the color scheme of eoStar changes. By clicking Customize, the Customize Main View screen pops up. In this screen you can create a different view for the home page.

Classic View

The Classic view is the interactive distribution cycle.

Solid Color

To create a solid color main page, simply select this radio button. To choose the color, click the hyperlink to bring up to color chooser screen. Select the color and click OK.


This option is used to insert an image, such as a company logo, as a background of eoStar's main page. To insert an image, click the hyperlink Click Here To Set, and click the picture. This image may be centered, stretched or zoomed in on.

Web Page URLs

This option has several uses, namely here it is possible to insert a web page as the home page.

If the web page URL is only accessible by the internet, then you must have internet connectivity.

It is possible to use eoStar URLs so that the home page automatically is a specific page within eoStar. To use it, simply select the radio button Web Page URL and click the hyperlink Copy eoStar URLs to Clipboard. Then open a program that uses the clipboard (for example Microsoft Word) and click paste. All the URLs for eoStar will be listed. You can use these URLs in turn as the Main Page instead of the distribution bubbles. Simply copy the URL, and paste that URL in the Web Page URL field. Click the command button Okay to implement it. Now when the Main Page is opened, the opening screen for the employee will be to that URL screen in eoStar. This is useful for employees who only stay on one screen or frequently use a single screen. (This does not prevent navigating to other screens within eoStar.) To delete this, exit the database, then log back in. Click the customize button and change the URL.

Mute Sounds

To mute sounds in eoStar, click the "Mute sound" checkbox on this screen and click "Okay".

Navigation in eoStar

Example GoTo button list

The following is a list of the most common command buttons within eoStar, which are found on the bar at the top of the screen:

  • New - This button is used to create a new blank record.
  • Erase - This button makes the record inactive. eoStar never destroys a record; instead, it just hides it. To view erased records, select the check box Show erased only in the search area.
  • Save - This button shows only when the record is first created.
  • Post - This button will save any changes made to a record.
  • Ditto - This button will copy information entered from the last record into a new record.
  • Activate - This button will activate erased records.
  • Refresh - This button will show the information from the database at it appears at the time.
  • Back - This button takes you to the previous screen.
  • Goto - This button displays a drop down menu which lists the last ten areas within eoStar where the current user was active during this login session.

The following is a list of types of actions within eoStar.

  • Check Box - Click on the check box to select (check mark) or unselect something. Multiple check boxes can be selected in a list.
  • Radio Button- Click on the radio button to select something. Only one radio button can be selected in a list.
  • Spinner - Click the up or down arrow to increase or decrease the quantity of the select item.
  • Drop-Down Box - Click the drop-down box to drop a list of choices down. Click on an item within the list to select that item.
  • Command Button - Click on a command button to perform an action within eoStar (such as creating a new item, saving changes, or erasing an item).


  • Drop-Down Arrow - Click the drop-down arrow at the end of a text box to pull up a list of items that have been created in eoStar which can populate the text box (such as a list of all of the product categories that have been created in eoStar). Right click the drop-down arrow to go to the screen in eoStar that allows you to create new items to populate the text box (this feature is not enabled on all drop-down arrows).


  • Export to excel.JPG - Export to Excel - Click this button to export the data with which you are currently working to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Paste.JPG - Print - Click this button to print the data with which you are currently working.
  • Copy.jpg - Copy - Click this button to copy the data with which you are currently working.

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