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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does eoStar work with the Windows Vista operating system?

A: Yes. eoStar is compatible with Vista, as well as Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. For more information, see Supported Operating Systems.

Q: What type of mobile devices are compatible with eoMobileCF or eoTablet?

A. eoMobileCF and eoTablet can operate on a variety of mobile devices, smartphones, and handhelds. To see the complete list of devices which have been successfully tested with our software, see [Compatibility]].

Q. What do I do if an employee is out for the day?

A. Use the Re-Assign Tasks to Employees screen to add the absent employee's stops to another employee.

Q. How do I delete a supplier from a product?

A. If the user has the correct permissions, then go to Records>Product>Records Supplier panel and select the supplier. Click the hyperlink Delete Row.

Q. What versions of eoMobileCF will be compatible with eoStar 2009?

A. Any version of eoMobileCF prior to the November 7th, 2008 will not work properly with eoStar 2009. Any version after that date will work correctly with eoStar 2009.

Q. If a salesperson wants to see someone else’s accounts on his handheld, and he isn’t doing the route, can he just switch the handheld number to view them? Can two people use the same handheld number on different handhelds?

A. No. When Tom loads his handheld for the day he can only see his accounts. When Gary is running Tom’s route he can sync the handheld using Tom’s number, then change the user to Gary, and sell to Tom’s account but have Gary’s name as the salesman. (Gary will not see his own accounts because he loaded Tom's route.)

Two people can use the same handheld number if they are selling to the same account, BUT, because the order number range is also dictated by the handheld setup the first person to sync their orders will have the order numbers in sequence, the other person will have all their orders renumbered in sequence with orders entered through eoStar (in the office). I know people will do this for holiday routes but it’s not recommended as a permanent process.

Q. What Price is calculated for returns and pickups for items?

A. When entering a return or pickup (a negative quantity in an order), eoStar will do the price calculation as follows:

  • The system will use the last price that the item was sold to the selected customer. If it was sold at a discounted or promotional price (even if that discount has expired), that price is used. This is so the customer is never given more credit than what was originally paid for the item.
  • If there is no sales history for the item (the customer never purchased it), then the above listed pricing logic for regular orders is used.

For more inforamtion on this, see Price Calculations on Returns/Pickups.