Forecasting Dashboard Video Tutorial

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These videos outline and describe eoStar's Forecasting Dashboard. Topics in the videos include:

  • Setup and Ownership
  • Dashboard and Product Selection
  • Widget Selection
  • Data Fields
  • Widget Manipulation
  • Widget Use in Worksheets and Sales Tab
  • Widget Use and Purchasing

For optimal viewing, maximize each YouTube video by clicking the box in the lower right corner of each video.

Forecasting Dashboard Video 1: Setup and Ownership

This video tutorial introduces eoStar's Forecasing Dashboard and outlines the setup and ownership details.

Forecasting Dashboard Video 2: Dashboard and Product Selection

This video describes navigation of the Forecasting Dashboard, as well as initial product selection.

Forecasting Dashboard Video 3: Widget Selection

This video provides an overview and description of the different widgets available in the Dashboard.

Forecasting Dashboard Video 4: Data Fields

This video provides a more detailed examination and explanation of the tabbed panels in the dashboard.

Forecasting Dashboard Video 5: Widget Manipulation

This video explains how to remove, add and rearrange widgets on the Forecasting Dashboard.

Forecasting Dashboard Video 6: Widget Use in Worksheets & Sales

This video describes the data sources available within the Worksheet and Sales panels.

Forecasting Dashboard Video 7: Widget Use in Purchasing

This video describes the data sources within a widget in the Purchasing Panel.