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Fintech Plugin

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With the addition of the Fintech plugin to eoStar, eoStar can now interface with in order to upload information securely. This information can be delivery data, invoice information, and electronic payments (EFT's).

Customers are assigned to Fintech through the payment terms.

For information on customer list setup, see Updated Customer List For Fintech.

For more information, see Overview: Fintech Plug-in.

It Added:

Customer Setup (Fintech Payment Terms)

  1. Create a Fintech Payment Term through the Records>Customer>Payment Terms screen. (The Fintech Prefix field is optional. It is only used if the retailer requires it. This field may be left blank.) See Payment Terms#Fintech.
  2. When completed, go to Records>Customer>Records Terms Panel.
  3. Use the drop down arrow to select the Fintech payment term as the Default Terms.