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Send Transfers

This screen is only used to send transfers from a warehouse to another warehouse. A transfer can be created in eoWarehouse or in the product transfer screen in eoStar. It can be created either way, but should be sent through eoWarehouse to ensure the WMS levels are depleted properly. If a transfer is not sent through eoWarehouse (instead through eoStar), the inventory will be depleted from the warehouse (unplaced) location.

1. A new transfer can be created in eoWarehouse within the Send Transfers tile by tapping "New Transfer".

2. The search field in the upper right is used to find existing transfers.

3. The list will display the transfer ticket #, expected date, product #'s and destination warehouse.


Create a New Transfer

1. Enter a product in the search field

Tap the quantity

Tap the item tile to move it onto the transfer

2. Choose the destination warehouse

Repeat the process to build a transfer with any number of items

To remove an item tap on the tile on the transfer (right side). Then, enter a quantity of zero and tap the item tile on the left.

3. Tap the check mark to post the new transfer ticket


Send a New Transfer

Items to be picked will be sorted by qty descending.

1. Tap the transfer to pick.
2. Tap Make Changes to pick the product.
3. Tap an item to pick it. Locations with inventory will populate on the right. Choose the location where the product is being picked from. A location or PalletID can be entered in the search field in the upper right corner.
4. If the quantity listed on the right matches the quantity needed, just tap the item. Otherwise, long press on the item to show the number pad and specify the quantity picked. Tap the item tile above the number pad to mark it as picked.
5. As items are picked, they will display in the preview screen as such.
SendTransferPopup.png 6. Once all items are picked, tap the back arrow. Tap the checkmark in the upper right corner to send the transfer. If the quantity sent is different than what was requested, a pop-up will appear to notify the user.

Combine onto New Pallet

The items picked can be put onto a pallet. Swipe down from the top of the screen to expose the option to combine onto new pallet. This will generate a new PalletID that can be printed by tapping the print checkbox to the left of the combine button prior to combining.

Date codes and pallet ID's are passed to the receiving warehouse.