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eoWarehouse is our Windows 8 based Warehouse Management application. It is the primary piece of functionality introduced by the WMS Plugin and WMS Ops Plugin, and offers the ability to dynamically manage warehouse transactions and inventory.

Through the utilization of new WMS Locations, WMS Pallets, and inventory and location assignment to both, all warehouse processes can automatically deplete and replenish specific areas of the warehouse to give users an accurate view in to not only how much inventory is on hand, but where it is in the warehouse.

eoWarehouse and WMS License Levels

There are three different license levels for eoWarehouse and WMS.

The Basic License incorporates the most commonly used eoWarehouse and WMS features:

The Medium License incorporates all of the features of the Basic License, as well as:

The Enterprise License incorporates the full suite of eoWarehouse and WMS features, including all of the previously listed features and:

Tablet Features and Functions

eoWarehouse System Requirements

Installing eoWarehouse

eoWarehouse, eoStar, and Their Integration

Beginning to Use eoWarehouse

Troubleshooting Tips