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eoTablet version 8.3.26 presents the user with the same set of enhancements recently made to eoMobileCF (see EoMobileCF Shelf Sequence) as regards shelf setup.

Referring to the snapshot below, please note:

  • 2 additional columns … “Seq” and “Last”. “Seq” is always numbered 1, 2, 3 … N, where N= number of items listed. “Last” = number of days ago that the item was sold to the customer based on downloaded sales history.
  • The footer of the form has a link to set the “Sales window”. As with eoMobileCF, it can be set at any value from 0..N, where N= the greatest number of days ago an item was sold to the customer within the number of days of sales history downloaded to the tablet. Items not sold within that window, or not listed (“na”) in the downloaded sales history for the customer are highlighted in red.
  • Use the “Delete” link in the footer to remove all items highlighted in red.
  • Use the “Add” link in the footer to add any items sold within the window that are currently unlisted.
  • To position an item within the list, the user can still use “Move up” and/or “Move down”. Or, they can poke the “Seq” cell of an item they want to position. If they poke, then a popup (shown just below the screenshot) is used to enter a new sequence number.


This popup is displayed when a user pokes a currently listed sequence number … the popup will display at an appropriate position on the screen, and care has been taken to make sure it never pops up “off screen” or “clipped”:


Note the number 72 in the text of the snapshot above … that number = the number of items in the current shelf setup (i.e. it is likely to change as a setup is manipulated).

Here’s the popup used for setting the “Sales window”:


In this example, 180 = max number of days ago an item was sold to the customer (determined via inspection of the downloaded sales history).

The “Delete” link will pop up a confirmation dialog:


As will the “Add” link:


Here is a snapshot of the shelf setup in “portrait” mode after items have been added … note that they were added at the bottom of the list.


The user may see a message like the one shown below if they “Add” but there is nothing new to be added: