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Added with the Samples Plugin, this feature is used to add a new request for samples to the system.

  • During an upload or full sync, the request will be sent to the Sample Tracker's New Requests to Process Tab.
  • Only products with a primary pack or alt-pack flagged as Sample are available to select.
  • Can Buy rules are ignored when requesting samples.
  • Only 1 request may be entered for a customer per session.
    • If a request has already been entered for a customer this session, navigating to the sample screen will re-open the prior request.
    • If the prior request has already been uploaded, it will not be editable.
    • If multiple requests must be entered for the same customer, a full sync must be completed before beginning the next request.
  • Unlike eoMobile, eoTablet does not contain a recap feature for sample requests.


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