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eoTablet is a windows-based pre-sell application designed to run on tablet PCs. Similar to eoMobile, eoTablet provides the same functionality of a Salesperson's handheld in an expanded format for a tablet PC. Additionally, it provides the ability to toggle between portrait and landscape to allow maximum view-ability and touch screen interaction.

A walkthrough of the application is available for download here.

Refer to the EoTablet - At a Glance page as a quick reference and for brief descriptions of the most commonly used eoTable features and screens.


  • Operating system: Windows XP/ Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4
  • Hardware:>1GHz processor, 2GB RAM

In September 2009, changes were made to the borders and window sizes. eoTablet used to come up “maximized” with no border only if the hardware it detected supported tablet PC data; otherwise, eoTablet would come up like a standard window with a client area of 1024x768. Now that Netbooks are becoming popular and provide a nice platform for eoTablet, it now maximizes if the hardware’s display size has a height less than or equal to 800. (Typical Netbook resolutions are 1366x768 [16:9], 1280x800 [16:10] and 1024x600 [16:9].) A height of less than 768 is not recommended. A netbook with 600 lines of vertical resolution will only show 12 items viewable on the invoice screen and some informational panels become cramped or not visible at all. Portrait mode on screens with less than 768 vertical lines of resolution will provide the best but not optimum experience for users of smaller tablets.

eoTablet Main Page (landscape) eoTablet Main Page (portrait)


eoTablet is split into three main sections.

Route & User:

Review & Recap:

Data Manager: