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(eoMobileCF version 8.2.8) Functionality has been added to allow users to easily find/add items on an invoice by entering an item number during a Pre-sell order on the Salesperson Handheld.

Note the little # icon in the lower right:


After taping the icon, the footer changes as shown below … with focus being on an Item # field. (Taping it again reverts to the “normal” display … which, depending on the selected item and order, may show truck/warehouse levels, allocation info, over-commit alert, etc.)


At this point note the little red arrow indicates that user input via the soft keypad or hard keys will affect the Item # field. (The background color of the Item # label shows in red if the currently selected item is out-of-stock, or overcommitted.) If the Item # is displayed, then poking on the label or input field will always focus the Item # field … i.e. you can leave the item number field always displayed and work with the invoice in normal fashion … then poke the Item # field when you want to add/find by Item #.

Note the “grayed out plus” button to the right of the field in the snapshot above … once text has been entered into the Item # field, that button will highlight as shown below:


Taping the “+” is equivalent to using the ENTER or RETURN key on a hard keypad. In either case, here’s what happens:

  • If an item with the entered # is not on file, then you’ll see an appropriate message … after which, the focus will return to the Item # field.
  • If the item is already listed on the invoice (as a non-return), then it is highlighted with focus on the “Qty” cell (the invoice will scroll if need be).
  • If the item is on file, but not already listed, then you may see a message regarding whether or not said item can be sold to the customer.
  • If the item is added to the invoice, it’s added after the currently selected item.

The user can then enter a quantity. Note … If the grid is focused, then the hard ENTER or RETURN key will move focus back to the Item # field if that field is visible. ( ENTER or RETURN typically moves the user to the next item on the invoice.)

Taping the “C” or “E” soft keys while focus is on the Item # field will clear that field.

Note … if you leave the form while the Item # field is active …. e.g. by navigating to the “Find” dialog … then when you return to the invoice form, the Item # field will still be displayed, but focus will be on the grid.

You can use the Item # entry in both multi-item view (as shown above) or in single-item view as shown below: