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Login Popup
When eoStar is opened, the Employee Login screen appears. When the database is first created, only the eoStar Administrator may login. The eoStar Administrator must add employees and check the May Login check box on the Employee Record in order for employees to login to the database. For information on setting up a Login Password, see Change Password.

How-to Login To the Database

  1. After connecting to the database, select the employee name from the list.
  2. Type in the password.
  3. Select the command button Log On.

How-To Set up Employees to Login

  1. Go to Records>Employees>Records.
  2. Under Employee Roles, check the May Login check box.
  3. Modifying the permission level in the Permissions panel will control the amount of access the employee has in eoStar.
  4. When finished making changes, select Post.

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