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Employee Departments

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Employee departments are a way of grouping employees to limit or allow a certain amount of access to eoStar. This can be for security reasons, as well as permission reasons for employees.

An example of an employee department is the sales department which would have access to Orders but not necessarily be able to Write-off inventory.

How To Create A New Employee Department

  1. Go to Records>Employee>Departments.
  2. Click New on top bar.
  3. Specify record number for the department either by creating one or selecting it off the list.
  4. Add information - department name.
  5. Click Save on top bar when finished.

Additional Department Information

Access Records Panel

This shows the access each department has on the eoStar program. To adjust the access level, slide the slider bar across.

The levels of access are:

  • No access
  • View
  • View, Change
  • View, Change, Add
  • View, Change, Add, Erase

Permissions Panel

This also adjusts the level of access each department has on eoStar. The level of access may be selected by checking the boxes next to the desired permission. Permission is also adjusted on an individual level for each employee in the Employee Records permissions panel. See Permissions Panel - Employee and Employee Departments(REDIR).

Plugins Panel

Plugins are additional levels of access the specific employee departments may have. See Plugins Panel - Plugins Permissions.

Reports Panel

This segment shows any reports related to the Employee Departments. The selected report can be changed under the Report segment at the bottom and by the time period. The reports shown here can be sent to both the printer and excel. For more information, see Reports Panel.