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At Rutherford and Associates, we encourage our clients and customers to add to this wiki site any information that they believe will be useful for themselves and others using eoStar, eoMobile, or any other application. In order to make edits, add new pages, or create changes within the wiki, users must create a valid login. When logged in, the user will be able to make changes to the wiki site.

Below is a list of rules, and information on how to create edits to the wiki. If you are unsure on how to edit a wiki page, a test page has been setup to practice on. To view this page, click Test.

Wiki Rules

The following are some basic rules to ensure that our wiki contains accurate and professional information.

  • Keep Information Safe. The wiki site is on the internet, meaning that anyone has access to it. To ensure your own and your company's information is kept safe, double check all images, files, and information you add to the wiki to ensure no private information is included. (Also, make sure to protect your server information.)
  • Keep Information Relevant. There are multiple versions of the application out there, make sure that the information you are adding is still applicable.

How-To Create a Login

  1. There are two options to creating a login. Click the link located in the side bar of the wiki page titled "New Account."
  2. Create a login.
  3. Click the command button Request Account.
  4. A password will be sent to the provided e-mail address upon an accepted user account.

How-To Edit a Wiki Page

  1. To edit a pre-existing wiki page, find the page.
  2. Select the "Edit" tab located at the top.
  3. Make any changes within the page.
  4. When finished making changes, click "Save Page".

How-To Create A New Wiki Page

There are two ways to add a new page. Note: make sure there is not a pre-existing page already containing the information you wish to add.

The first way is to create a link with the page name in a pre-existing page and then click on this link. A new page will appear with this title.

The other way is to type in the page title in the search bar and press enter. If there is no pre-existing page with that page title, click the link "Create This Page".

Talk Pages

Each page of the wiki has a Talk/Discussion Page attached. These pages are used to add any comments about the information on a page.

Basic Markup

Wiki markup cheat sheet.gif

Adding Links to Wiki Pages

There are two types of links in the wiki page.

  • External Links (links to pages outside of the wiki) can be added by placing a single set of brackets [ ] around the web address.
    • To add external link with a different name to the link type brackets [web address <space> different name].
  • Internal links (links to pages within the wiki) can be added by placing a double set of brackets [[ ]] around the title of the page.
    • To add internal links with a different name type double brackets with a pipe (|) separating the names [[page name|different name]].


Adding Categories to Wiki Pages

Categories are a way of organizing information within the wiki site. To add a category, at the bottom of the page, type in a double bracket with the word "Category" and then the category name. For Example: [[Category:(Category Name)]]

Pages may contain multiple categories.

Additionally, it is possible to add a category through the page by typing the category in the box at the bottom of the page, and clicking the command button Add Tag.

Adding Images to Wiki Pages

The wiki site accepts a variety of image files.

  1. To add an image to the wiki site, click "upload file".
  2. Browse for the file and select it.
  3. The destination file name is the name that the image will be called within the wiki.
  4. Add a brief summary of the image, including where it was taken from. For example, "this is the Records>Customer>Records Terms Panel".
  5. Click Upload File.
  6. Make sure to add the image to a relevant page by adding the image markup.

Adding Tables to Wiki Pages

Function Format
{| Start Table
| (pipe) Divider
! Title Bar
|} End Table
|| Column Divider
!! Title Divider

Sample table format.gif

Adding Videos to Wiki Pages

There are only two types of video files available to add to the wiki site. These are flash (.swf) or Windows Media Files (.avi). Windows Media Files are files that are downloaded from the wiki site and then played using the Window Media Player. Flash videos play in the wiki pages; therefore, they require separate pages from the information. Create a separate page from the majority of the information, and put the flash video there.

To add a video to the wiki, click "Upload File", and upload the video. Add the video markup.