Distributor Records

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Records>Distributor>Records screen
With the addition of the Distributor Plugin, the ability to create and maintain Distributor records becomes available.

How-To Create A New Distributor Record

  1. Go to Records>Distributor>Records.
  2. Click the command button New on top bar.
  3. Specify record, either by selecting the provided number or creating your own.
  4. Add information- Name, Ship to, Warehouse, Tax Area, and Price Like.
  5. Click the command button Save on top bar when finished.

Additional Information

More Panel

Additional information about the selected distributor may be added here. This information includes any flags and settings, instructions for delivery, and any commission rates for the district and account manager.

Contacts Panel

In this panel it is possible to add contacts for the distributor.

Notes Panel

Any notes about the distributor may be added here.

Price Books Panel

In the Price Books panel, specific price books may be tied into the distributor (see Price Books]).

Special Prices Panel

Any special prices may be added to the distributor here.

Authorized Panel

Any Authorized products may be added to the distributor here.

Customers Panel

This panel lists any customers associated with the distributor.

Rebates Panel

Any rebates for customers or items may be added to the distributor here.

Ledger Rules Panel

In this panel it is possible to edit the ledger rules for the selected distributor.

Sales Panel

[see Sales Analyzer.]

Can Buy Panel

The can buy panel lists any any items the distributor is allowed to purchase.

Reports Panel

This panel shows any reports related to the distributor. The selected report can be changed under the report segment in the bottom box and by the time period. The reports shown here can be sent to both the printer and excel. For more information, see Reports Panel.