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Direct Connect Setup to GP 10

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The following is a list of steps required to setup a direct connection between eoStar and Dynamics GP 10. These steps are only used in eoStar. Dynamics GP may require a separate set of steps to connect with eoStar. This ability, added with the Dynamics GP Plugin, attaches bank deposits and AP>Export functionality directly to Dynamics GP 10. In fact, the Dynamics GP Bank Deposits export posts the bank deposits internally within Dynamics GP.

How-To Setup a Direct Connection

  • First, the Accounting Interface Panel on the Configuration screen must be setup to use Dynamics GP as the Accounting system.
    • Go to File>Database Administration>Configure Accounting Interface Panel.
    • Check the checkbox Enable Export of Payables to AP Software. Select the Payable export Format and and General Ledger export data.

Dynamics GP (configure accounting interface).gif

  • Then go to the Microsoft Dynamics Panel on the Configuration screen.
    • Check the checkbox Use A Direct Connection to Microsoft Dynamics.
    • Type in the Server and Database Information.

Dynamics GP (Configure Microsoft Dynamics).gif

  • Bank deposits require the checkbook ID number on the Warehouse Records dynamics GP panel to be added.
    • Go to Records>Warehouse>Records and type in the checkbook ID number.

Dynamics GP (warehouse records GP panel).gif

  • It is possible to view the setup settings in AP>Export by click the hyperlink View AP export Settings.

Dynamics GP (AP Export view settings).gif

Functional Currency

If a Functional Currency isn’t assigned within the GP database, eoStar may fail when attempting to post data into the GP database.

Below is an example of an error message one might receive when the target GP company does not have a Functional Currency assigned:


Enable and Assign Functional Currency

1. First, you must grant US currency access to each applicable company within GP. From the Administration menu, choose the Multicurrency Access hyperlink, select the Z-US$ currency option, and assign it to each applicable company by selecting the Access checkbox abreast the company.


2. Assign a default Functional Currency for each company by navigating to Tools>Setup>Financial>Multicurrency.


3. Select the magnifying glass nexto to Functional Currency and highlight the Z-US$ currency.

4. Choose Select and then Okay.