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The DexPlugin allows handhelds to send invoice information to other devices supporting the DEX protocol. This plugin only works with handheld devices with Windows Mobile 5 and above, as well as eoTouch Delivery. eoStar currently supports DEX 4010 and 5010.

The following is a link on how a supplier would get started with DEX: (You will need to get a hold of GS1 to get the Comm ID.)

Plugin Requirements

  • Duns Number. (Note: If a warehouse is not assigned an individual DUNS number, the company-wide DUNS number will be sent in its place.)
  • Assigned Product Retail UPCs (assigned on the Product Records ID Panel).
  • Assigned Case UPC (assigned on the Product Records ID Panel).
  • File>Database Administration>Configure Database Dex Panel.
  • File>Database Administration>Company Info - Duns number.
  • Records>Customer>Records Dex Panel.
  • Records>Customer>ID Panel - Store and Duns number.
  • Records>Warehouse>Records Dex Panel.
  • Records>Warehouse>Records>ID Panel - Duns number.
  • Records>Products>DEX Pack Name Mappings.
  • EDI>Trading Partner>DEX Settings

Additional Notes

  • Dex should be tested with a customer first, with a legitimate order, to ensure it works properly.
  • The hardware can be finicky. If the Dex cable is not connecting to the handheld, try restarting the handheld with the Dex cable attached.
  • The DEX process is not currently supported in the One Stop Delivery screen, but is planned for full support before the end of 2014.

Required ID fields

Field Length Segment Setup Location Required
Distributor DUNS Number 9 or 13 G8205 File > Database Administration > Configure > Company Info panel Required
Warehouse DUNS override 9 or 13 G8205 Records > Warehouse > Records > ID panel Optional
Distributor Comm ID 10 DXS01 File > Database Administration > Configure > DEX panel Required
Distributor Location Number 1 - 4 G8206 Records > Warehouse > Records > DEX panel Required
Distributor Signature Key 1 - 4 G8601 File > Database Administration > Configure > DEX panel Anything
Customer DUNS Number 9 or 13 G8203 Records > Customer > Records > Location panel Required
Customer Comm ID 10 DXS05 Records > Customer > Records > DEX panel Required
Customer Location Number 1 - 4 G8204 Records > Customer > Records > DEX panel Required
Product Pack Names 2 G8303 Records > Product > DEX Pack Name Mappings Required

DEX Setup Validator

This screen displays any current issues with the DEX setup. It will check the following areas of eoStar:

  • Database Configuration
  • Warehouses
  • Customers
  • Products

Issues are highlighted in red and should be corrected before attempting a live DEX test with a customer.

DEX Process on eoMobile

  1. Open an order for delivery create or a new Off-Truck order for a DEX customer
    • Do not use 'Deliver Stop' option. Orders must be DEXed individually.
  2. Make any known adjustments for returns, cuts, price changes, etc.
  3. Plug in the DEX cable
  4. Click the "Save" link
    • Note that you do not need a signature first
  5. Choose any of the DEX options, such as "DEX, Print 2 final invoices and save" or "DEX and save invoice without printing"
  6. In the "To begin DEXing, press the 'Start DEXing' button below" popup, click "Start DEXing"
    • You may change the COM port using "DEXing via COM1" link at the bottom before starting
    • If COM 1 gives you an error try COM 2
  7. Instruct the customer to begin receiving DEX
  8. In the "Start DEXing via COM1 and send invoice?" popup, click "Yes"
  9. If you receive the "Press 'yes' when the store is ready to send their response" popup, then DEXing was successful. Do not unplug the cable yet
  10. Wait for the customer to make any changes they desire in their system
    • Note that only changes to quantities will be accepted by eoMobile and any pricing discrepancies must be resolved by the driver by first cancelling DEX. Full support for accepting customer pricing is planned for the end of 2014
  11. When the customer is ready to send changes, click "Yes"
  12. If the customer made changes, you will see the "The quantity of X on the invoice has been changed from # to #. Accept this change?" popup.
    1. Depending on whether the quantity change is acceptable, click "Yes" or "No"
    2. If you accepted the change, you may be prompted to select an Adjustment Reason
    3. After all changes have been decided, you will see the "Press 'yes' when the store is ready to receive your response" popup.
    4. Instruct the customer to begin receiving DEX
    5. Click "Yes"
    6. If you refused any changes, you will see the "Press 'yes' when the store is ready to send their response" popup.
    7. When the customer is ready to send new changes or their acceptance of the unchanged quantities, click "Yes"
    8. Continue exchanging quantity change requests until either party accepts all proposals
  13. Once both sides have sent acceptance of the order, you will see "DEXing complete!" Click "Okay"
  14. You may now unplug the DEX cable
  15. Have the customer sign for the order and click "Save signature"

DEX Process on eoTouch Delivery

iOS DEX Cable:

From the home screen:

  1. Run Route
  2. Select the customer for delivery
  3. DEX Orders

  • A: Send
  • B: Skip DEX


Additional Notes

  • Option to skip DEX
  • Ability to cancel DEX at any time
  • Options to void, skip, or try again for orders that fail to DEX


  • Notations added to orders when changes are made


  • Ability to reset DEX status



This image shows the serial port driver requirements for the MC65.

DEX will occasionally fail. When it does, you will see an error message to that effect. Try these listed solutions and attempt to DEX again.

  • Unplug the DEX cable from both sides and reconnect it firmly
  • Replace the DEX cable entirely with a spare
  • If COM 1 gives you an error try COM 2. There are some devices like MC65 that default to COM 2 instead of COM 1.
  • Attempt a different COM port (although anything other than COM1 or COM2 is rare)
  • Cold boot your handheld while the cable is connected
  • Deliver traditionally today and check the Handheld Session Log for detailed error reports after upload.