Delivery Handheld - Voiding Payments

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On the Delivery Handheld, voiding payments is handled in a certain manner. After a signature and the order have been saved, then it is not possible to make any edits to the delivery, including any payment voiding. The only time a payment may be voided on the delivery handheld is during order entry. For additional information, see Driver Handheld - Delivery Stops.

After an order is saved, the only way to void a payment is through the backend's AR>Adjustments screen. For more information see Steps to Void A Payment.

How-To Void A Payment

  1. From the Order Entry Screen, tap the hyperlink Payments.
  2. Select the payment from the drop down list.
  3. Tap the hyperlink Void Payments.

Delivyer hh - voiding payments.gif