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The Pre-Order option is used by drivers creating Off-Truck sales. The Pre-orders are handled like transfers within the system; therefore, the inventory added to them will not display their inventory levels for the selected warehouse. After a full sync, the pre-order is sent to the backend system and will appear in the Waiting To Be Printed queue of the Transfer Tracker.

When pre-orders are received in the backend from the handheld during a full sync, and a truck count was performed on the same upload, the system automatically decreases the pre-order quantity by the item count remaining on the truck. Both pieces are essential to having a pre-order calculate the correct quantity to transfer correctly. If a pre-order comes in without an associated truck count eoStar assumes a count of zero and orders the total amount listed in the pre-order. To help ensure the count and pre-order are uploaded together, check the This truck uses pre-orders box on the Truck Record. This will enable a pop-up message that reminds the driver to submit a pre-order prior to their end-of-day full sync.

The Pre-Order screen may be automatically pre-populated based on the products and levels set in the Employee Records HH Pre-order Panel.

For a tutorial video, see eoMobile Video Tutorial - Pre-Order Transfers.

In August 2009, changes were performed to the Transfer Tracker allow cuts to be automatically performed on pre-order transfers when moving the pre-orders through the tracker. The issue was that there was no way to automatically see if the transfer had enough product for the order. The changes will allow the pre-orders to cut missing inventory from the transfer when sent from the warehouse and the user will be notified what cuts were performed. In order to perform this function, the Cut Overcommitted Preorders on Receipt checkbox on the File>Database Administration>Configure Product Transfers Panel. In the transfer tracker, when an pre-order is moved, the warehouse inventory is examined for all the products on the pre-order. If there is insufficient inventory to fill the pre-order, then the pre-order transfer lines will be zeroed out. (If several pre-orders are sent through at once, all the inventory lines for a low quantity product will be zeroed out for all of the pre-orders.) Partial cuts are never performed automatically. This means the order will not be cut to the amount left in the inventory. For instance, if the pre-order asks for 10, and there is only 5 in the warehouse, then the pre-order will be cut to zero. The user will be notified of the cuts and can choose to proceed or cancel.

How-To Create A Delivery Pre-Order

  1. From the delivery handheld's main screen, tap the hyperlink Truck.
  2. Select Pre-Order.
  3. Select the pre-order date (this is the date when the transfer will be received).
  4. Using the search Search.JPG button, select the items for the transfer.
  5. Type in the amounts for the item.
  6. When finished adding items to the Pre-Order, click the hyperlink Save. During a full sync, the pre-order transfer will be sent to the Transfer Tracker in the backend system.

How to create a pre-order transfer.jpg

How-To Create A Pre-Order Based on Truck and HH Pre-order Levels

1. Perform a non-blind truck count on the handheld

2. Save the count and generate a Pre-order on the device, selecting the correct Pre-order date, and save the pre-order. At this stage you will want to adjust the levels only if they will differ from the HH Pre-order levels that are placed inside the Employee > Records > HH Preorder table

3. After saving the Pre-order, you may perform a full-sync on the device

4. After the full-sync is complete the Pre-order will be available for display within the Transfer Tracker queue. The quantity levels in this Pre-order should now be based upon what needs to be loaded onto the truck in order to fulfill the order, calculated by what is already on the truck and the par levels set within the HH Preorder table

Corrective Actions

Handheld is down

Load transfers can be entered manually on the back-end (Inventory>Product transfer) and processed through the Transfer Tracker.