Delivery Charge Plugin

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The Delivery Charge Plugin adds the the following capabilities:

  • Functional Area: Admin
  • Roles Impacted: Admin Clerks, Presellers, and Drivers


Under Records > Employee > Records > Access Records panel

  • Per Invoice Delivery Charge Rules

Under Records > Employee > Records > Plugins panel

  • May clear per package delivery / freight charges on an order
  • May override freight and delivery charges
  • Records > Customers > Delivery & Freight Charge Manager
  • Records > Product > Packages > Per Package Delivery & Freight Charges

How To Override Delivery Charges at the State Level

If you would like to set up a delivery charge at the state level (so that all deliveries being delivered to a particular state are being charged a flat delivery fee), you can set that up using this feature. This feature will only apply delivery charges to orders with alcoholic products on them.

  1. Go to Records > Customers > States.
  2. Select the State that you would like to set up the delivery charge on.
  3. Go to the Delivery Charges panel.
  4. Enter the Delivery Charge. This charge will override any other delivery charge for the state.
  5. Click Post.