Deleting Records

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Deleting records (customer, brand, package, warehouse, employee, etc) in eoStar use to cause issues when those records were used in transactions, batches, and additional records. Changes made in February 2009, now examine a variety of information to 'double check' that data within eoStar will remain accurate and correct. After a record is erased in eoStar, the system will never permanently delete it. Instead, all information is saved in the "Erased Records" sections. Note: Erasing a product record is not the same as discontinuing a product.

Before a Record can be erased, the system checks:

  • Usages in other active plus-option records.
  • Usage in a closed inventory batch
  • References in the In-process orders, item-transfers, purchases and equipment transfers.
  • A receivables balance for customers.
  • Schedule events entries when erasing an employee record.
  • The Customer's Authorized Item Lists when erasing an authorized items list.

How-To Erase A Record

  1. Go to the Record page.
  2. Select the Record.
  3. Click the command button Erase.