Daily Delivery Stop Analyzer

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File>Daily Delivery Stop Analyzer
The Daily Delivery Stop Analyzer is used to display and calculate any Out-of-Way costs for deliveries based on if the driver went X miles out of his way to make a stop and the cost associated with it. It examines all routes and, based on the selected criteria, displays what the Out-of the way cost is per delivery. It orders the customers in the sequence based on the past time/datestamp for the orders. The map displays the route to assist with the examination of the route.

The screen is divided into two main sections. One half displays a map panel. This map can be used to display the customer locations and employee routes for the day. The other half is the grid that displays the driver, customer, and any extra cost the delivery may have incurred.

Added with the Route Analyzer Plugin, the route analyzer hyperlink requires a customer to be selected first in order to show information.

The hyperlinks Cost per mile and Cost per hour are used to edit the estimated out-of-way costs. The cost per mile is the estimated gas mileage of the truck and the cost per hour is the estimated pay of the employee per hour. The other section in the hyperlink's popups can be used to add additional information such as renting costs, or estimated tolls, etc.

The OOW> ##% hyperlink is used to select the highlighting on the grid. To change the highlighting, select the hyperlink and then select the percentage that will be highlighted.

If a customer is highlighted green, then the address is incorrect. To fix the address, click the No GeoCode hyperlink.

There are three types used in the Delivery Stop analyzer. They are:

  • NST = non-service ticket
  • SUR = survey
  • DEL = delivery

The list of customers (i.e. “stops”) that are displayed (if the Beer/Wine plugin installed) is a union of the following:

  • Customers that received a delivery via the handheld (i.e. the order has been flagged as “DeliveredByHandheld” on the selected date)
  • Customers that were surveyed on the selected date by an employee flagged as a driver
  • Customers that had a non-service ticket recorded on the selected date by an employee flagged as a driver

Note that we do consider pre-sell orders -this is why you don’t see the other accounts even though they are listed in the route analyzer. There are a several reasons why we don’t load in pre-sell activity. Although it would be possible, based on a parse of the route analyzer data to determine whether or not an employee “pre-sold” an account, this would be rather inefficient given our current design.

Each of these stops is pulled in from the database a “time” is used to determine the ordering of the stops in the list. For the deliveries, the time is the time the delivery was completed; for surveys and non-service tickets it is the time transaction was saved. The list is then ordered first by employee, then by “time,” and then by customer.

How-To Use the Daily Delivery Stop Analyzer

  1. Go to Reporting>Daily Delivery Stop Analyzer.
  2. Using the drop down arrows, select the delivery date.
  3. Then click the command button Load.
  4. To alter the data in the grid, use the hyperlinks.