DEX Pack Name Mappings

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DEX Pack Name Mappings
Added with the Dex Plugin, this screen is used to map out the pack names to DEX standard pack sizes.

eoStar allows for users to enter a Pack name on the product record that may not be part of the DEX standard. For this reason, to send data through DEX eoStar needs to know which of the user entered pack names is the equivalent of the DEX standard pack names. For example: Your pack name for a Case could be 'Case', 'CS', 'CAS' or a anything else determined appropriate for your business, but the DEX system only recognizes 'CA' as a case designation, so you can map your case names to the 'CA' name using this screen.

Note that even if you have your cases entered as CA on the product record, you will still need to map it here.

How-to Map Pack Names

  1. Go to Records>Products>DEX Pack Name Mappings.
  2. Using the drop down arrow, map the pack names.
  3. When finished making changed, click the command button Post Mappings.