Customer Flags

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Customer flags are user created markers that track customers. Flags can be used in reports and are mostly ways of distinguishing information. Note: Only the Database Administrator can create Customer flags. For more information, see Flags.

There can be up to 40 customer flags. Customer flags are shown in ION Reports and the Sales Analyzer.

How-To Create New Flags

  1. Go to the File>Database Administration>Configure Customer Flags panel.
  2. Type the flag names next to the Flag number.
  3. When finished making changes, click Save.

How-To Define Different Record Types for Flags

  1. From the Records>Customer>Flags select the flag you wish to set a record with.
  2. Insert information - Name.
  3. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

How To Apply a Customer Flag to a Customer

  1. Go to Records>Customers>Records Flags Panel.
  2. Using the drop down arrow, select the Flag and the flag record.
  3. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

Additional Information

User Access

For each flag created, an employee Access Record will be created with that flag's name. By default, all employees will have 'No access' to that flag when it is first created. In order for an employee to be able to view, change, add, and/or erase information on that flag, the access level for that employee's record will need to be changed by an administrator. (Records > Employee > Records > Access Records panel)

Customers Panel

The customers panel is used to select the customers located for the selected customer flag.

Sales Panel

This panel creates either trend or sales reports for a given time frame using the Sales Analyzer for the selected customer. For additional information, see Sales Analyzer.

Receivables Panel

This panel gives basic A/R information for the selected record. To view additional information, check the checkbox Show Apply Lines.