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Cumulative Promotions Plugin

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This plugin adds support for Cumulative Promotions, which is a type of promotion that is calculated at the end of the month, but does not apply a discount at the time of sale. If the promotion quantity is reached over the course of the month, the discount is calculated based on the products sold and the total discount is credited to the customer's account.

  • Products may receive a different promotion at the time of sale and will still count toward a cumulative promotion.
  • Cumulative Promotion information is viewable on mobile devices.
  • The inventory in ION is not affected by Cumulative Promotions.
    • ION is only aware of the discount only line items for the purpose of calculating margins and showing discounts.
  • Cumulative Promotions do not impact cost layers in FIFO.
  • Cumulative Promotions do not impact date code layers.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Administration, Sales Support
  • Roles Impacted: Admin Clerk, Sales Manager
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugins: Cumulative Promotions Plugin, Order Types Plugin


Order Type

Cumulative Promotions require a designated order type.

  • Setup a new order type and check the This Order Type is use for Cumulative Promotions box on the Processing panel.

Database Configuration

Go to File > Database Administration > Configure > Cumulative Promos Panel.

  • Print an Invoice - Check this box to have Cumulative Promotion orders placed in the Needs Follow-Up Invoice queue of the Order Tracker.
    • This allows the invoice to be printed and/or emailed along with other orders requiring follow-up.
  • Select the Cumulative Promotion order type.


Access Records

Records > Employee > Records > Access Records Panel:

  • Promotions (Cumulative)

Plugins Panel

Records > Employee > Records > Plugins Panel:

  • May compute monthly cumulative promotions

Computing Cumulative Promotions

  1. Go to Orders > Compute Monthly Promotion Discounts.
    • For Cumulative Promotions using the Half, Quarter, or Sixth Barrel Trigger Basis, go to Orders > Compute Keg Rebates.
  2. Select to scan either the current month or prior month.
  3. Click Scan.
  4. The discount for each promotion/customer combination will be displayed in the grid.
  5. Click Errors to view configuration issues.
  6. Commit Transaction - Check this box to enable the discounts to be posted.
    • Unchecking the box changes the Post button to say Fake Post.
    • Fake posting will not create any credit invoices.
  7. Click Post to create credit invoices for each customer.