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The eoStar Coors interface is used to export sales, outlet, and inventory information out of eoStar so they may be uploaded to the Coors Brewing Company. To setup the Coors Interface, go to File>Database Administration>Configure Coors panel. After the completion of the setup, it is possible to export Audit and Sales Data (SLD files) and POINT files.

The Coors Plugin adds the capability to export Store Level Data (SLD) files and POINT files to the Coors Distribution Company (CDC). SLD (Store Level Data Tool) is a method for data to be transmitted to the Coors Brewing Company, which is used for sales trending analysis. To Export Store Level Data (SLD) files using the Coors plugin see Export SLD Files. POINT files consist of data used to create purchase orders for Coors products. These purchase orders are maintained within the system. The Purchase Orders are imported into eoStar through the use of the Coors Import POINT Purchases screen.

To prevent an individual customer from being included in the Coors interface, flag them as a Wholesaler. To flag a customer as a wholesaler, go to the beer/wine panel and check wholesaler.

The products need to be marked as "can sell" in the Product Permission Flags to be exported to Coors.

With the Miller Coors Joint venture, certain Coors products are now produced in Miller plants. For detail on how to handle these changes, see MillerCoors Joint Venture - Transitional Ordering.

The Coors Plugin Added:


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • File>Interface>Coors>Export audit and sales data - Grants access to the Export Audit & Sales Data menu option, where users may audit and export SLD files
  • File>Interface>Coors>Export POINT file - Grants access to the Export POINT File menu option, where distributors send and receive data from the Coors Brewing Company
  • File>Interface>Coors>Import POINT purchases - Grants access to the Import POINT Purchases menu option, which is used to import POINT files into eoStar from a saved location of the created file the system

Coors Workflow

  1. Every day, SLD files are exported from eoStar through the "Export Audit & Sales Data" screen and are uploaded into
  2. Every week, POINT Files are exported from eoStar through the "Export POINT File" screen and are uploaded into
  3. Orders are created every week by Coors based on the forecasts generated from the POINT files. The orders should include four weeks worth of orders.
  4. Coors updates the PO's through the system.
  5. The user now manually creates the PO file from the POINT website and saves it to a specified location. From that location, the PO's are imported into eoStar through the "Import POINT Purchases" screen.