Coors Import POINT Purchases

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Import Coors POINT Purchases
Import Coors POINT Purchase
As part of the Coors Plugin, this screen is used to import POINT files into eoStar from a saved location of the created file the system. Orders are created every week by Coors based on the forecasts generated from the POINT files. Coors publishes flat file summaries detailing the status of purchase orders recently placed with them through their web interface. This import screen reads these files and interprets them as eoStar purchases. The user now manually creates the file from the POINT website and saves it to a specified location. From that location, the POs are imported into eoStar and once imported into eoStar, the POs are sent to the Purchase Tracker.

The database needs a supplier marked as the Coors supplier and EDI partner in order for eoStar to tag the imported purchases with. If an import succeeds, the file gets archived in the tree on the left of the screen for later examination and/or auditing.

In order for employees to access this screen, the "File>Interface>Coors>Import POINT Purchases" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

How-To Import POINT Files

  1. Go to File>Interface>Coors>Import POINT Purchases.
  2. Click the command button Load New POINT Shipment File and select the file's saved location.
  3. Review the file data in the summary and File data tabs.
  4. When finished, click the command button Import Purchase Orders From this File to import the data into eoStar.

Corrective Actions

Error Reading Purchase File Message

This popup appears if the import file contains untranslatable information. Double check the file and the Coors Supplier data.

File Line Record Types

  1. P = Planned Shipment
  2. L = Loaded Shipment
  3. S = Actual Shipment
  4. A = Arrived Shipment

File Line Transaction Types

  1. C = Change
  2. A = Add
  3. D = Delete