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Coors POINT (Product Ordering & Inventory Net Tool) is a web based tool using for distributors to send and receive data from the Coors Brewing Company. POINT is used to enter forecasts and submit orders. The information in the POINT files contains forecast, inventory, order history, and sales information for all Coors products.

eoStar exports POINT files which are later uploaded to The POINT files are then used as forecast information used in the creation of Orders. Orders should be submitted through POINT on the system. The orders should be created weekly and contain the next four weeks of orders.

The Coors POINT Export screen is part of the Coors Plugin. In order to make this aspect of the Coors Plugin work, the EDI Plugin and the Forecast Plugin needs to be installed and contain information regarding the Coors Brewing Company.

To prevent an individual customer from being included in the Coors interface, flag them as a Wholesaler. To flag a customer as a wholesaler, go to the beer/wine panel and check wholesaler.

  • The Coors Point export only contains sales from customers who have the checkbox Account is in the Coors Territory checked on the Records>Customer>Records Coors panel.* (?)

In order for employees to access this screen, the "File>Interface>Coors>Export POINT File" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

How-To Setup The Coors Export POINT Files

  1. Go To File>Database Administration>Configure Coors panel.
  2. Type in the Coors distributor number and using the drop down arrow, select the supplier.
  3. Go to Records>Supplier Terms/AP Panel for the selected supplier in step # 2.
  4. Using the drop down arrow select the EDI Partner. Click the command button Post.
  5. The selected EDI Partner must be associated with a Sales Forecast Record. Go to EDI>Trading Partners EDI Settings Panel. Using the drop down arrow, select the Sales Forecast Record. (To set up a Sales Forecast Record see Forecast Plugin.) Click the command button Post.
  6. All items that need to be sent in the POINT file will need to be added to the EDI Item Map for this trading partner.
  7. On the forecast record, add items and periods or else the message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" appears.

How-To Export Coors POINT Files

  1. Using the drop down arrow select the week number (Note: This correlates to the number of periods in the selected forecast record).
  2. Click the command button Create File. Select the file and click Open.
  3. When finished click the command button Done.

How-To Update The Year (Available Forecast Periods)

POINT upload File
  1. Go To Records>Forecasting>Setup Forecast Record>Periods Panel (see Periods Panel)
  2. Click "Add 20XX" (where XX would equal the new year/period to add) located in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. Go To File>Interface>Coors>Export POINT File, and select the new year