Connecting to the Rutherford FTP

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Rutherford hosts an on premise FTP server, Customers can use the FTP server to send large files (databases) to Rutherford. Credentials are provided during the implementation process. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, please reach out to the support team via phone or

Rutherford highly recommends using an FTP client that supports FTPS & Resume. Our FTP server supports both FTP and FTPS (explicit over TLS) connections. To connect, direct your FTP client to

FileZilla is a free, open source program application that allows for Secure FTP transmissions with resume support.

NOTE: Based on reports, we recommend you download the ZIP file, not the EXE Installer. Some antivirus applications detect adware within the EXE, so we recommend avoiding the EXE as a precaution.

Below you'll find screenshots from FileZilla detailing the required settings to connect to Rutherford.


Ftp 1.png

FTPS (aka FTP over SSL):


Ensuring Rutherford Certificate

When connecting via FTPS, you should be presented the certificate to ensure you’re talking to a Rutherford server. Before accepting, ensure the certificate is issued to Rutherford (see example below).

Unknown certificate.png