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The list of available database connections.
Editing the Database connection
Adding Connection
Sometimes, there might be multiple databases associated with the company. When a user logs in, they will have the opportunity to select which database to connect to. The first screen available will contain a list of previously entered databases. The command buttons at the bottom of the screen are used to manage these databases.

The Mobile ION hyperlink in the upper right hand corner of the screen is used to connect with Mobile ION. Mobile ION is a way to work offline to generate ION reports without a connection to a database. For more information on ION, see ION Reports.

For information on any error messages appearing here, see Overview: Error Messages.

How-to Connect to a Database

  1. After starting eoStar, choose which form of connection to make:
    1. To add a connection, select the command button Add Connection. Insert the information and click Add Connection.
    2. To edit a connection, select the command button Edit Connection. Insert the information and click Apply Edits.
    3. To connect to a Database select it from the list.
  2. Click the command button Connect to DB.

Adding Connections

  • Description - This is a brief explanation of the database. This will be what it is listed as on the Database Connections screen.
  • Server - The server where the database is located.
  • Database - The actual database name.
  • User Id & password - The SA user ID and Password.
  • Use Integrated Security - This checkbox will use integrated security rather than the User ID.