Concurrency Manager

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File>Database Administration>Concurrency Manager screen
The concurrency manager is a tool designed to release locks created by eoStar. Concurrency locks are a way to assign ownership of an object (order, purchase, reconciliation, etc.) so that only one person at a time can edit it. If the computer or eoStar crashes while in an order, purchase, or reconciliation, the lock may not be released. As a result, access to that object may be denied. To re-establish access to that object, the concurrency lock needs to be released.

Access to the concurrency manager is restricted to users with the proper permissions and the Administrator login. The permission check box File>Database Administration>Concurrency Manager can be found under the Records>Employee>Records Plugins panel underneath the heading "eoStar Core".

How-To Release Concurrency Locks Using the Concurrency Manager

  1. Log on to eoStar
  2. Go to File>Database administration>Concurrency Manager and select the lock(s) you want to release.
  3. Select the Release Locks for Selected Objects command button.
  4. Click the command button Done.

Concurrency Error Messages

As of September 2008, it is now possible to release Concurrency locks from an error message without having to go to the Concurrency Manager screen, if the user has permission to do so. The two error messages are as follows:

  • The following error message appears when the user does not have permission to release the concurrency locks.

Concurrency locks no permission.JPG

  • The following error message appears when the user has permission to release the concurrency locks. To release the locks, click the command button Force Release.

Concurrency locks force release.JPG