Combine Orders Plugin

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The combine orders plugin is designed to unite orders that can be on a single invoice, but are not. Typically, some companies have multiple salespeople who sell different types of products. For instance, one salesperson could sell wine and another, beer. They would create a separate order for the items; but, the two invoices have the same delivery date and driver. The Combine Orders Plugin takes these orders and places them on one invoice making picking and delivering easier.

It added:

  • Orders>Combine Orders menu option.
  • The Allow Batch Combination of Orders checkbox on the Records>Customer>Records Terms Panel.


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • Orders>Combine Orders - Grants access to the Combine Orders page, which is used to merge orders for ease of delivery and reporting purposes