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Co-op Plugin

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The Co-op plugin facilitates the order process and lets multiple customers buy product collectively so they may take advantage of volume discounts.



  1. Access Records>Co-op>Records to create the co-op groups. Notes, contacts, schedules, price books, and special prices specific to the co-op group can be assigned on their respective panel.
  2. Access Records>Customer>Records (pictured above). You can assign a schedule, price books, contacts, special rates, and notes to the co-op.
  3. Add customers to the co-op in the Co-op panel. Each customer may be added to multiple co-ops.
  4. Ensure the co-op record added to any promotions you wish to offer these customers.

Order Entry

Coop order entry1.png

  1. Access Orders>Co-op (pictured above).
  2. Select which co-op master record, then the seller, ship date, driver and source options.
  3. Use the list of customers at the bottom left to choose which customer within the co-op is ordering.
  4. Add items to the order that this customer wants to buy
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for each customer buying product for this ship date.
  6. Post the co-op order and accept the warning that this will create multiple orders in the tracker.