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The Close Date Plugin gives a distributor the ability to easily move close dated product out of the warehouse and into the trade. A product that is in jeopardy of expiring is quickly moved to a customer that will be able to sell the product before the expiration date.

The “Close date” location is assigned at the warehouse level which allows multiple warehouses to have individual setups. Employee permissions control the ability to order close dated product. Customer setup controls which customers can receive close dated product.

Close date available is the inventory level at the close date location minus any pending committed close date inventory to be shipped and not yet picked from the close date location.


Records > Warehouse > Warehouse areas

  • Create a “Warehouse Area”

WMS > Locations

  • Create a location for Close Date
  • Create a location for Quality Control (QC)

Records > Warehouse > Records > Close date

  • Assign the Close Date location
  • Check the box to use warehouse default

Records > Warehouse > Records > WMS settings

  • Assign the QC location
  • Check Quality control automatically loads truck

Records > Customer > Records > Close date

Use warehouse default or manually override specific customers:

  • Use warehouse default
  • May receive close date product
  • May not receive close date product


Records > Employee > Records > Plugins


To access the WMS > Move stock screen: Records > Employee > Records > Plugins


WMS > Move Stock

This screen is used to move inventory from the warehouse to the close date location and vice versa. WMS locations and employee locations can also be selected.

The total inventory will not change, only where it is located. Once an item is located in the Close date location it is considered as close date inventory for pre-sellers and during OTL Commit.

1. Select a warehouse.

2. Select a "To" location.

3. Select a "From" location.

4. Filter the list to find the item. Notice the screen will highlight like items and date codes.

5. Use the Move Stock button to move the product or enter a different quantity to move in the adjacent text box. Double-clicking an item will move the entire quantity clicked.


To move inventory back to the warehouse, click in the left grid and the Move Stock option will now appear on the left side.

A date code pop-up will require a date code for an item being moved when using the product search field at the bottom of the page. "NO DATE" also displays the pop-up. The primary use for this functionality would be when the item and/or date code being moved are not listed.


Orders-to-loads > Commit

1. Select driver(s).

2. Click Accept selected parameters and start.

3. Click Post committed orders.

4. Close date remaining is Close date inventory available. Edit close date quantities as needed.

The Qty CD is automatically populated at an approximate rate of 20%. This only automatically populates if a CD qty has not been specified during order entry.


The line is highlighted in red if the qty CD entered is greater than what’s available.


5. Click Done.

If close date quantities have been overcommitted a warning will appear.


6. "Click here to post committed orders and adjustments" in the OTL pop-up as normal.



If the employee has permission, eoTablet will display the available close dated quantity based on the inventory level at the Close date location minus any pending committed close date inventory to be shipped and not yet picked from the Close date location.

A "CD" column will be available in the order grid where a close date quantity can be specified during order entry.


This column will also be visible within backend order entry for an employee with permission.