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CPAS Plugin

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CPAS is package that is used by Coke distributors for exporting to and maintaining their accounting. Given that CPAS is a package capable of handling all accounting needs for the distributors, general ledger and accounts payable are able to exported to this package.

First and foremost, the CPASPlugin must be installed to gain access to the interface components. Once the plugin is installed, you need to designate CPAS as the target package for AP or GL (or both). To do so, please go to File > Database administration > Configure > Accounting interface panel. Select CPAS as the export format for the export that is to use it (AP and GL are set separately). Once CPAS is defined as the target package for AP/GL, the use of the plugin is as easy as going to the export desired and exporting the data. The file that is generated will automatically be formatted to meet the specifications for import into CPAS.