Bulk Orders

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This is the location of the Bulk Orders Checkbox on the Customer More Panel.
This is the location of the Bulk Order Check box on the Order Entry Screen.
Bulk orders are a way to help with the packing of trucks by allowing the order to be packaged together in bulk.

Note: Occasionally, the term Bulk Wine refers to wine that's not yet packaged for retail sale. In eoStar, bulk orders do not refer to Bulk Wine.

Based on the settings of the Configure Database Orders Panel, orders marked (or not-marked) as Bulk Orders may have picklists printed based on the checkboxes.

How-To Create A Bulk Order

  1. To print picklists for bulk orders go to File>Database Administration>Configure Orders panel. Check the check box next to Bulk Orders Need Picklists.
  2. To allow customers to always buy in bulk, go to Records>Customer>Records more panel for the selected customer. Check the check box next to Bulk Orders. This means that all orders placed by this customer will be bulk orders.
  3. When creating orders - Pre-Sell, Tel-Sell, Over the counter, or Off-Truck - on the Order Entry Screen check the check box More then check the check box next to Bulk Order.

ULM Bulk Orders

In the palatalization program ULM, it is possible to create bulk orders from the ULM Export screen.