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Boulevard Plugin

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EoStar supports the import of PO information via a file produced by the supplier, however eoStar will not retrieve the file directly. Boulevard should be able to provide the distributor with FTP instructions with which to pull the file to the distributors network, where eoStar can then retrieve it and import it.

In order to get import to work properly one must setup their DB:(Updated setup notes)

  • add plugin (Edi plugin dependent)
  • add [EDI]->[Trading partner]
  • setup [whse map] panel
  • add [Record]->[Supplier] and under [Terms / AP] panel associate trading partner (Very last option)
  • Choose Supplier in [File]->[Database administration]->[Boulevard]
  • add [Record]->[Shipper]
  • Choose Default shipper under [EDI]->[Trading partner]->[EDI Settings]
  • Now we need to setup Item map under [EDI]->[Trading partner]->[Item map]
  • Note: Each of these products must have supplier assigned

Note: In order to remove purchases set the SOSTS to 'C' (Cancelled). All other SOFLAG, SOFLAG flags are ignored.