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Bill and Hold Plugin

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The Bill and Hold Plugin was designed to allow an order delivered after a promotion price period to maintain the special promo pricing. The order effects sales numbers based on sale date, rather than delivery date. This is mainly used for liquor and wine distribution. This plugin creates a new flag on the order type and goes through special processing. It applies to any kind of promotion.

This allows the customer to order a product, which will then be held at the warehouse until they are ready for delivery. They are able to take advantage of promotions in one month and put off delivery until a future date.

At the end of the month, users can look at their sales numbers and generate needed sales before the end of the month for delivery at a future date.

ION Sales reports and inventory batch levels will not match because the inventory is not really committed, so the warehouse is not effected until the order is actually delivered. The sales report, however, will show it as a sale as of the sale date.

At this time, only 1 delivery is allowed against a Bill & Hold order. The pricing then goes back to normal.

Once assigned, the Bill and Hold order type cannot be unnassigned. The quantity or price cannot be modified (must create new order in order to do so). If the order is still in the 'Needs Picklist' queue, it can still be unnasigned. But once it has been assigned to a pick list, it is considered locked.

Users may post Bill and Hold information when an order is created, or when an order is delivered.