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Beverage Tax Plugin

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The Beverage Tax Plugin integrates individual state taxes into a single plugin and offers enhanced functionality for mapping various transactions to the tax schedules.

  • Functional Area: Finance
  • Roles Impacted: AR Clerk


Beverage Tax Columns

Columns are used to setup tax rates and assign them to products.

See Beverage Tax Columns for setup instructions.

Beverage Tax Schedules

Schedules are used to define which transactions are reported to the state together. It is possible to associate specific transaction types with particular groups of customers or suppliers.

See Beverage Tax Schedules for setup instructions.

Beverage Tax Summary Configuration

The summary configuration allows the tax columns to be grouped into summary reports.

See Beverage Tax Summary Configuration for setup instructions.

Tax IDs

Some states require specific tax IDs to be included on excise tax reports. These may be entered in the following locations:


Compute [State] Taxes

The raw tax data may be exported/printed directly or custom report layouts may be designed using DevExpress on the compute taxes screen.

See Compute (State) Taxes for instructions on computing taxes. See DX Basic Training and DX Advanced Training for general instructions on creating DX layouts.