Basic eoStar Troubleshooting

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The following is a list of common issues and problems occurring in eoStar and their solutions. For information on troubleshooting issues on Mobile devices, see Basic Handheld and Tablet Troubleshooting.

For additional troubleshooting information, see Overview: Error Messages.

User Lost Access to a Section of the Application

This frequently occurs when permission settings for the employee or department have been changed. Check the permission settings for the employee by examining their Security.

Additionally, this could be caused by an update in the database that is not shared on the workstation. To see if this may be the case, call the company IT personnel or Rutherford Support.

Alt-Pack Errors

Frequently Alt-Packs are incorrectly set up within the system. Check with Rutherford support if an errors are occurring or see Alt-Packs.

It is impossible to change the specifics such as the size or conversion information of an alt-pack after it is setup. If it is set up incorrectly, the inventory on that pack needs to be depleted, add the new alt-pack, create a new inventory batch and reconcile that primary pack and all alt-packs making sure to zero the qty for the bad entry. Once that’s done the bad alt-pack can be erased.

Report Permissions

Report permissions are different than permissions for other parts of the application because they are based on the Report Group. To change the permissions to access reports, go to Records>Report>Groups and select the employee and departments who may access the reports in the group.

An Invoice is Totaling Some Products Incorrectly

This may be due to the fact that the order is based on the product class rather than a category. To fix, change the order to a category.

Additionally, this may be a programing bug, contact Rutherford Support.

Hold Codes and Orders

Hold Codes are only applied to prevent future orders from being created for the "No Sell" Customer.

Cannot Delete Items From a Order or Purchase

This may be due to the permission settings of the user and also could be due to the stage in which the PO is located in. If a payment has been accepted for an order, no changes can be made to the PO.

Voiding a Payment

Payments may be voided in both the backend and on the mobile devices. In the backend use the AR>Adjustments screen.

Truck Counts in eoStar

Truck counts can be added in the backend system in the Reconcile Inventory screen on the Count Panel for the selected truck. This panel can be used to add the counts if eoMobileCF is not usable.

Cannot Add a Product to a Price Book

Products cannot be added to a price book if the Can Sell checkbox is unchecked on the Product Records.

Order has the Wrong Date

This may happen if the date or time settings are incorrect on the mobile device that created the order. Double check the mobile device and make change to the order to add the correct date.

Corrupted Orders Uploaded from eoMobileCF

Call Rutherford Support.

Changing an Invoice's Payment Terms After Delivery

With the correct permission settings, it is possible to modify the order in the Order Tracker. However, if it is not allowed, Rutherford Support can make the changes through SQL.

Pre-Sell Orders are Generating Paper Invoices During Orders-To-Loads

This is due to the checkbox Employee Requires Delivery Documents on the Employee Records. To prevent the paper invoices from printing, uncheck this checkbox.

Multiple Pick Sheets for the Same Route

This happens when pre-order transfers are generated as well as orders are sent through Orders-to-loads. Because these two types cannot be combined, the system will create two separate pick sheets for the same day.

eoNetService Install Error

If the following error message appears, then it means that the IIS 6 compatibility is not turned on.

Install error.gif

Post Conversion ION Issue

After converting to eoStar 2009, legacy sales are not loaded into ION reports.

Part of the scripts that ran before the upgrade was to remove the log files. Now the logs need to be rebuilt manually; therefore, run the following procedure:

exec dbo.eo_PopulateOrderLog
exec dbo.eo_PopulatePurchaseLog
exec dbo.eo_PopulateTransferLog

Rebuild the ION cache.

If issues still persist, such as columns in the ION Depletion report showing strange numbers in the Repacks and From Warehouse columns, then the PopulateOrderLog and the criteria for populating the OrderLog's field ParentDeliveredDate may be not null. To correct this, contact Rutherford in order to make sure this field is populated in the OrderLines table for the legacy dates.

MBO Sales Incentive Program Different Totals

An apparent issue in MBO sales incentive programs occurs when the totaled goal amounts for a brand on the Review panel of the selected MBO incentive program does not match the total amounts in the same forecast review and edit screen. This occurs when the customer set associated with the MBO filters out any customers (typically customers who aren't in the "universe" or valid retail accounts with sales) who may have allotted product amounts in the forecast. These customers are viewable on the on the customers grid when auto-setting the goals.

Crystal Credential Requests

Several customers have been experiencing an issue where, on some of their workstations, if they try to run a Crystal Report, it requests credentials and refuses to connect to the database, even when the proper credentials are input. This issue is related to the OLE DB provider used to connect to the database. The SQL Server Native Client provider causes the inability to connect to the database. For information on how to fix this issue, see Crystal Credential Requests.

Resolution/DPI Settings

If a user cannot see all the fields available in a popup box, double check the resolution and DPI settings for the workstation. Make sure the DPI is "Normal Size" (100).

To adjust the DPI settings, go to the workstation desktop. Right click the screen and select Properties. Select the "Settings" tab. Click the command button Advanced. In the popup screen, click the "General" tab. Using the drop down arrow, select the DPI settings.