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File>Interface>BDN Export
This is added with the BDN Plugin and is used to export files the Beverage Data Network (BDN). These files contain information regarding the sales of products which will be used for performance information.

In order for employees to access this screen, the File > Interface > BDN Export checkbox on the Records > Employee > Records > Permissions panel must be checked.

Note: When building an export file within the BDN interface, it is important to note that legacy data will not be included. BDN will scan and include data that as far back as you have been using eoStar.

How To Export BDN Files

  1. Go to File > Interface > BDN Export.
  2. Using the drop down arrows, select the from and through dates. Click the command button Load.
  3. Using the drop down arrows, select the file and info. click the command button Preview.
  4. To change the export folder, click the command button Select Export Folder, select the folder, and click Ok.
  5. When finished making changes, click the command button Export.