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Allocation Plugin

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The Allocation Plugin assists with the creation, implementation, and assignment of allocations. An allocation is a promise of a certain amount of product to a customer within a set time frame. These products are set aside so that no other customers may purchase them. This is typically done with high demand products (such as KBS) or seasonal products at the beginning or end of the season when supply is limited.

There are two types of allocations supported in eoStar:

  • Hard Allocations - These are allocations where the product can only be sold via allocations, and the customer may only receive the allocated amount of product. Any customers who do not have an allocated amount cannot purchase the allocated product. The item cannot be purchased unless the allocation is effective, based on the from and through dates. The product is considered a hard allocation if the Sold Only via Allocations checkbox is checked on the Product Allocations Panel.
  • Soft Allocations - These are allocations which prioritize a set amount of a product for a customer, but which still allow other customers to purchase that product.
  • Orders for the soft allocated product can be placed for any customer on any platform.
  • Once the orders reach OTL - Commit Orders, those customers with soft allocations will have their orders prioritized to receive the product.
  • If there is more product available after their orders have been committed, then other customers who have placed orders will also have their orders committed.

It added:

  • Functional Area: Sales Support
  • Roles Impacted: Presellers, Sales Managers, Channel Managers, and Brand Managers


Under Records > Employee > Records > Plugins panel

  • Records > Customers > Allocations
  • May view customer allocations panel
  • May view product allocations panel