Advanced Handheld and Tablet Troubleshooting

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This is advanced handheld/tablet support and should only be done in the case of “lost” orders. Note: If you have any questions on when to use this tactic, then hold off until you speak to a tech (either in your company's tech support or Rutherford support). Do not do this unless instructed to do so.

Advanced How-To Recover Orders From a Tablet/eoMobileCF Installation:

First thing to understand about either device is that the orders are never really gone even if it says no orders to upload. We have implemented a very sound backup methodology and it involves a few different files. They are called:

  • Upload01.txt—this is the current data that will be uploaded to the database—this includes the orders and any other transactions that should go with it
  • Upload02.txt—this is the last data that should have been uploaded during the last sync
  • Upload03.txt—this is the data from the sync/upload before
  • zzMobileUpload.txt—this is the temporary version of the MobileUpload.txt that is created before it is renamed to PriorMobileUpload01.txt, you should never see this file unless the device runs out of memory when it is trying to make a copy of the MobileUpload.txt

Take all these files and save them somewhere safe before manipulating them, then exit eoStar.

The easy trick to fix stuff that was “lost” for whatever reason is to name the Upload02.txt to Upload01.txt or the zzMobileUpload.txt to Upload01.txt and try an upload again. That should recover and upload those orders into the system—but be careful to check that only the orders that were “lost” are uploaded, otherwise you will have to make note of any orders that were duplicated and void those in the back end(this should not be needed on current versions).

The locations of these files are different depending on the install method that was used, the default locations are:

  • Handheld: My Device\Program Files\eoMobileCF\Data
  • Tablet: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILENAME%\Application Data\EoMobileData

This is how these files are created and deleted:

  • HH/Tablet goes to sync or upload: A new Upload01.txt is created and the old Upload01d.txt is renamed to zzMobileUpload.txt and kept in that directory until the PriorMobileUpload01.txt is created so the orders will be backed up if the sync/upload or fails or the device runs out of memory.
  • HH/Tablet only successfully uploads but does not perform a full sync: A new Upload01.txt is created and the PriorMobileUpload01.txt stays in that directory, each additional upload creates an additional PriorMobileUpload.txt with sequential numbering at the end of the file name (i.e. PriorMobileUpload01.txt, PriorMobileUpload02.txt, PriorMobileUpload03.txt ect.)
  • HH/Tablet makes a successful full sync: A new Upload01.txt is created and all PriorMobileUploadXX.txt files are cleared off of the device when the server has acknowledged success.

For a list of all tokens used in upload files, please see Mobile Upload Tokens