Adding Plugins to the Database

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The following is a list of instructions add a Plugin to the database.

Add a Plugin or Update a License

1. After logging in as the eoStar Administrator, navigate to the help menu and ensure that “Web enabled” is checked by clicking on it, if it is not.
2. Next, click on eoStar Tech Link.
Techlink setup web Menu.jpg
3. Enter your login and password into the box on the top left. Click Login. Should your credentials be valid, you will receive a popup welcoming you.
4. Click on Update license information from Rutherford Techlink. You will receive a popup informing you of whether this was successful. If just getting new handheld license, you will find them automatically in Records->Handheld->Records. If adding plug-ins, continue to see instructions on how to install.
Update license information

5. You may now navigate to File>Database Administration>Upgrade.
6. Click on Plugins, select the Plugin(s) you would like to install, and click Add selected plugins.
7. Click Done. Click Upgrade schema now. Click Done. Your plugin should now be installed.
Add selected plugins

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