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AP>Export screen
Export Accounts Payable
This screen lets you export AP (accounts payable) information to the attached Accounting system. Because eoStar can interface with a variety of accounting systems, make sure to properly setup the system.

For information on setting up a direct connection between an accounting system and eoStar see Direct Connect Setup to GP 10 or Direct Connect Setup to QuickBooks.

The Dynamics version 10 auto-numbers journal entries. However, for the GP version 10, the voucher numbers will no longer be exported with AP. The Dynamics GP export includes “post” segments in the XML which means that deposits sent to GP enter the GP database as posted deposits instead of “saved but not posted”.

Based on the accounting system and plugins installed, the "AP>Export" checkboxes on the Employee Records Plugins Panel need to be checked in order for employees to access this screen.

In April 2010, code was added to prevent users from modifying purchases which have already been sent to an accounting package (MAS, Peachtree, Navision, Quickbooks, Dynamics GP).

How-To Set Up the AP Export

  1. Go to AP>Export.
  2. Click the hyperlink Setup AP Export.
  3. Add Information.
  4. Include the export format (this would be any attached accounting software with available plugin).
  5. When finished making changes, click the command button Save Changes.

How-To View Prior Reports

  1. Using the calendar, select the date.
  2. Using the drop down arrow, select the export file you wish to view from that date.
  3. Click the command button Load Data For Selected Export
  4. To Re-export the data, click the command button Re-Export Account Payables.

How-To Export Files in the AP Export

  1. Go to AP>Export.
  2. To preview the file, click the command button Preview Export File.
  3. Click the command button Export Account Payables.
  4. Click the command button Display Folder to view the location of the exported file.

QuickBooks Application Error - Troubleshooting

Quickbooks application error.jpg

  • The terms have been changed so that error will no longer show up.
    • In the future, if you leave the terms blank in the purchase it will automatically apply the default terms once the purchase has been saved (this will assure the correct format).
  • Quickbooks Administrator needs to login to QuickBooks, and go to EDIT > PREFERENCES > Company Preference tab and check the Use class tracking checkbox (shown below).

Edit quickbooks preferences.jpg

  • Then go to List>Class List and add the following:

Quickbooks error class list.jpg

  • In eoStar, go to FILE > DATABASE ADMINISTRATION > CONFIGURE QUICKBOOKS panel, and map the drive.
  • Go to AP>Export. Follow the instructions above to export AP from eoStar.

Note: If there is an additional issue where a PO had a payment term causes an error due to mapping issues. To correct this issue, map that term in Quickbooks. Go to Lists > Customer & Vendor Profile Lists > Terms and added the term causing the issue.